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God's Word has the power to transform. This is my daily journey into the Word. It is my accountability to spend time with Him daily renewing my mind in His presence. Please feel free to join me, keep me accountable or make a comment.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Blessing of a Corn Dog!

Yes, the title is true.  A corn dog started me on the most amazing journey on August 26, 2011.  It had been a typical day at Inman Intermediate School which meant I didn't slow down for lunch until about 1:00 pm.  I didn't bring anything for lunch so I dashed to the cafeteria to see if they had anything left for me to eat.  The only selection was a corn dog and some steamed vegetables.  I grabbed a tray and scooped up the corn dog and headed back to my office to do some paperwork while I ate.  The first bite tasted pretty.  As I swallowed the second bite, pain like I have never experienced in my life, gripped my chest.  I immediately began sweating and there was sharp pain running down my arm.  I was in my office with the door closed, so I picked up the phone and dialed our nurse.  I very calmly asked her if she could come in and see me about something.  When she opened the door and I saw terror in her eyes it shook me to the core!  She picked up the phone to call EMS and I wouldn't let her.  I work in a school with 330 children and I really didn't want them to see me being driven away in an ambulance.  She was so mad at me!!  I told her I would go to the ER but in a car.  I soon learned our nurse could handle a car!  When we arrived at the ER she told the lady at the desk I was having severe chest pain.  Before I knew what was happening, I was in a wheelchair and flying down the hall to a room.  In a flash, there were things attached to me and a nurse was taking my blood pressure and another was drawing blood.  In the midst of all this, I am still feeling like someone has my chest in a vice grip that will not let go.  I could not find a position even remotely comfortable.  I was literally writhing in pain on the bed and scared out of my mind.  Am I having a heart attack or is this the revenge of the dreaded corn dog.  I remember quoting Scripture in my head and singing worship songs trying to get my mind off of the pain.  God quietly reminded me of the importance of transforming my mind daily for times such as this!  They start an IV of morphine and I am thinking "sweet relief", but nope, still hurting just as much as before.  After about 2 hours of this intense pain, I am really struggling!  After lots of tests and a few hours, they determined this attack was not heart related.  (Praise You and thank You, Lord.) So in the wheelchair I go to the ultrasound tech who looks at my gall bladder.  She sees some gall stones!  Yes, I think, we have an answer!  Ok, doc, let's get a surgeon and take this sickly gall bladder out!  I go back to the room and wait and wait...(you know the drill).  While I wait, they put the sweet nectar of dilaudid in my veins and the pain begins to ease.  Finally the dr. comes in and says he is certain this attack was not caused by my gall bladder....Hmmmm, back to square one.  He refers me to a gastroenterologist and sends me on my way with a prescription for the merciful drug!  This is the first day of what would be a six month journey in which the Lord has truly transformed my life.  More to come about this journey later!